Meta Play Design

by Hannes Waldner


Games, whether analog or digital, short or long, large or small, for young or old, have one thing in common: they are motivational pieces of art. They make us forget time and space, voluntarily take on difficult challenges, face defeats in order to share a taste of success, and, along the way, continuously learn - not just for success, but also for life.

To make this potential of games usable for you I see as my mission. Whether it's an educational game for the classroom, a special playful experience for our international guests, a challenge for your team, or a short distraction for your clients - together with you I will develop your tailor-made game!

Because there's one thing I'm sure of: in our deepest hearts, we all just wanna play!

"Playing a game is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles!"
Bernhard Su


Designing games is one of the most rewarding and at the same time most complex tasks you can imagine. You create things and moments that give people joy, excitement, community, challenges, fun, ... in short, experiences. It's not that trivial.

To combine the complex system of game goal, game mechanics, themes, emotions, rules, materials, stories and today's technical possibilities into a harmonious whole, a variety of knowledge, methods and skills are needed. The most important skill here is one that is completely unremarkable at first glance: listening.

Listening - to the customer

Listening - to the target group

Listening - to the game

Listening - to yourself and your own creativity.

"Splitting atoms is a child's game compared to a child's game!"
Albert Einstein


Whether board or card games, escape rooms or mystery games, analog or digital game experiences - in every design process, my starting point are the people. Through the method of game design thinking, each game is developed starting from the needs and motivators of the target group. For this, not only the analysis of the future players is essential, but also the intensive exchange with the clients. Close observation and listening to each individual match in the test phase and letting go of one's own ideas are equally important. As a result, my prototypes develop over and over again, are refined and adapted. Only this way a first idea can finally become a special experience.

"Form follows Function follows Feeling!"
Hannes Waldner



... an experienced game designer who develops your game with you?
... a good listener who understands your needs and those of your target group?
... a professional partner who supports you in the implementation of your game project?
...a connoisseur of both the theory and practice of game design?
... a passionate game geek?

Then you found the perfect partner in me!

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